How to care for Sunglasses

This might look like the less important thing that needs attention. Just grab a sunglasses and throw it on right??
Hell no !

Sunglasses need some care too.

Getting a pair of sunglasses that looks great ,wonderful and suits perfectly well can sometimes make you get attached to them.

So here are a few tips on how to handle you sun glasses

Prevent Scratching

Sunglasses can be delicate, don’t you agree?

This is a good reason to always have it in a protective case whenever it is not in use. Having your lens all scratched up can be heartbreaking and could affect your appearance. Organic solvents materials can cause discoloration. Avoid putting a lot of pressure on your sunglasses.

Clean Properly

This is far different from breathing on your lens and wiping them with your t-Shirt or your skirts😩. Don’t feel guilty, you’re not on this alone 

It is just important to make use of the microfiber which is usually found in your protective case or a clean handkerchief. it helps better with removing dirts and smudges.

Handle with Care

Be  extremely careful when bending the arms or temples. Try not to stretch it beyond its elasticity. Be gentle when wearing it and taking it off. When closing the temples; the left temples first then the right one, better you didn’t know that. 

Don’t wear your Sunglasses above your head

As bougie as designer glasses can make you feel when you put them over you head, just as much does it damage your sunglasses.why?

The Screws on your sunglasses gets loose each time you wear them over your head.

How to place your Sunglasses

If you will like to put your glasses away briefly then there is a right way to place it on a table or any surface.It should be placed with the convex facing up otherwise they will get scratched or damaged.

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