How to Flawlessly Incorporate Accessories into Your Look

Accessories are the base line of your look — it helps bring in the other elements of your outfit, as well as making it look full and finished. A good accessory choice will bring out the best in your look and will help hide some imperfections. However, badly combined accessories can make your outfit look cluttered and awkward at best. In this article, we are going to give some tips on how to combine accessories naturally and stylishly.

Tips on how to make your Accessories work

Tip 1: Sometimes, less is more

When a really important occasion comes, we tend to over-accessorize ourselves — the more important the occasion, the more accessories we wear! However, a rule of thumb is that 3-4 large accessories are usually enough for even the most formal outfit.

Tip 2: Forget about the handbag-shoes rule

That’s right — your handbag does NOT need to be the same color as your shoes. In fact, if you are wearing a bright pair of shoes, it’s a better idea to balance them with a contrasting pastel handbag.

Tip 3: Evening dress + watch = bad Accessories combo

Wristwatches are a good detail for an everyday or business look, but adding this element to an outfit for a dinner outfit may puzzle other guests. Moreover, combining this element with a sleeveless evening dress is almost impossible to work.

Tip 4: Use rings to your advantage

Rings may be tricky to choose and the best tip is to take a look at your fingers before making a decision. Wide rings may visually shorten your fingers, and thin ones may elongate them, so always think of what you want to achieve with rings.

Tip 5: Black shoes can kill a pastel outfit

If your outfit is primarily pastel-colored, black shoes can stand out not in a good way. It’s best to support your pastel outfit with a pair of light footwear.

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