5 Trendy Sunglasses in 2021

The spring is here! And the summer is approaching fast by the way. That means this is high time to get trendy sunglasses for your knockout looks. This season, designers gave all of the beloved, timeless eyewear silhouettes the update we never knew they needed. Sounds intriguing? Then, hurry up to see the latest sunglasses trends! 

The bigger the better

One of the hottest eyewear trends is XXL square-shaped sunglasses. This is some kind of ode to the ’70s. Such sunglasses will make you look fashionable without putting too much effort into it. If you want to give this trend a bash, you can get these Oversized Square Sunglasses. There are several color variations so you can easily pick up what matches your style. 

Cat-eyed sunglasses forever

Of course, this eyewear silhouette is classic. But this season designers offer to make this shape more dynamic by narrowing the lenses. One of the great examples of such a trend is Cat Eye Vintage Sunglasses

Crystal clear 

One more trend is wearing transparent blue-light glasses to spice up your daily look and protect your eyes. If you take care of your vision, we highly recommend you to opt for this type of glasses. Especially now when they are in trend. 

Retro round shape

Again, the round shape is one of the classic ones but this season it was updated and refreshed. For example, pick up round-shaped sunglasses with bright tinted lenses to get some kind of blend of classic and novelty. 

Don’t forget about aviators

Of course, we can’t just leave aviator sunglasses behind. This season, aviators with subtly colored lenses rock. So if you are tired of this eyewear silhouette a bit, this is a perfect chance to look at such a shape from another angle. 

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