Makeup Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2021

The biggest catch of makeup trends doesn’t need to be explained — they come and go, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them while they’re hot. In this article, we’ll try to pinpoint the trends to get you ready for the new year in makeup.


Most makeup trends focus on the eyes, and the hottest trends of this year are no exception. The 80s and 90s nostalgia that defined the last year’s culture trends couldn’t go unnoticed in the makeup world. So brace yourself for vibrant Technicolor eyeshadow and untamed eyebrows à la Madonna. Other solutions that’ll make you stand out even while wearing a mask include sharp lines, be it a traditional cat-eye or a creative graphic eyeliner look. Thin 90s eyeliner also comes back along with colourful mascara. Get ready to see unexpected mascara shades like purple or royal blue.

Lips Makeup Trends

Even though you are still supposed to cover half of your face with a mask, eyes aren’t going to be the only part affected by this year’s trends. Lip stains that were hot last year aren’t going anywhere for 2021. Elegant berry shades and low-key classic red are not too wasteful to hide behind a mask. They are decent options if you can take your mask off. Look for hydrating components in your lip stain, as this matte makeup product drys out your lips.


Glowing “dolphin skin” is another pandemic-era solution for looking healthy and hydrated during your Zoom meetings. The glow that’s been in vogue lately becomes even more relevant in 2021, giving you an effortless “no-makeup” look. Just join a tinted moisturizer with a balmy highlighter and add nude lipstick for a dewy, fresh look.

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