How to Know If You Are Wearing the Wrong Lingerie

It’s only natural we want to be extra attentive when buying lingerie, especially if we’re doing that for the first time. After all, it’s the most intimate part of your wardrobe. The right lingerie will give you both comfort and confidence, while incorrectly chosen underwear may ruin your day. In this article, we’ll show how to spot lingerie you should avoid.

It fits awkwardly

If your bra needs to be readjusted every once in a while, and you’re tired of small fabric pieces getting in the way, you made the wrong choice. Remember: even the most beautiful and showy bra has to feel comfortable and soft on your skin. Make sure the store you shop at has a flexible returns policy if your bra doesn’t feel as expected.

Your thongs kill your hips

If you’re tired of the “muffin top” situation along with stripes on your hips after wearing thongs, don’t blame your body. If your thong straps dig too deep into your hips but you love wearing them, just look for thongs with a wide band — no more hip lines and better coverage are worth the change.

Sleeping in lingerie is uncomfortable for you

No doubt, spending 8 hours (ideally) in lingerie shouldn’t be torture for anyone. If being comfy during the night is especially important to you. Then opt for a chemise made of breathable fabrics.

You just don’t like it

You don’t need to have terrible reasons to dislike your underwear. It’s the part of your wardrobe that you should be able to fall in love with from the first touch! If you are looking for a place to get a new lingerie set, visit Hue2Max — with our wide choice of high-quality lingerie and sleepwear, you’ll find lingerie you’ll love in no time.

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